The whole world is called to respond through the choices of each of us.



VED, COEMI and all the families that are part of it are living these days alongside all the companies that are working continuously to guarantee assistance on everything primarily needed. This in order to assure across the country, in the fight against coronavirus, the main daily activities without further problems.   

We strictly follow what the Italian government has required to face these battles, who in trench and who is not. Our primary focus is the people health but also we pay close attention to the work activities that we are carrying out.


We always put human value first! 


The entire economy is undergoing a slowdown that will significantly hit the whole economic system.


It is time to stay and cooperate together in the most effective way ever.


Thanks to the network infrastructure of  VED/COEMI and through a mixed collaboration between the employees connected from home and the few, because needed, from offices, we have been able to activate smart-working, reducing effectively the risk of affection inside the office spaces.

To allow this, in respect of the health regulations, VED and COEMI have supplied all the employees of the safety devices in order to protect all the workers that are still working outside the own home. In addition, the two companies set up two committees to manage the safety  in this emergency period, which cooperate and meet in conference call daily.

 In a moment of national and worldwide difficulty, we wish to thank all our collaborators who through their priceless work and great professionalism allow us to assure emergency interventions for our customers.