Reverse engineering and spare parts construction

COEMI is specialized in spare parts constructions for valves and mechanical components in general. The experience gained over time, in the solution of problems related to the valves of industrial plants has convinced us to start a service that goes beyond normal maintenance activities. In fact, to restore the functionality and efficiency of a valve, it is essential to replace worn or damaged components from corrosion; for this reason, immediate availability during maintenance is decisive.

In many cases, the spare parts supplied by the customer are not compatible because they are obsolete, in other cases they are out of production or the procurement times can not be reconciled with the planning of maintenance operations. Moreover, with the thousands of valves present in a single plant, of a different manufacturer and type, this aspect assumes an even more important role. This criticality has repercussions on maintenance times in the event of unexpected damage and, moreover, the unavailability of a valve in good time may lead to plant downtimes in which the costs for non-production are not comparable with those of maintenance.

The experience gained has convinced us to invest and develop Reverse Engineering techniques for the spare parts construction and supply, to meet the needs of customers both for scheduled activities and for failure interventions. In the latter case, Coemi provides a “JUST IN TIME” construction service in parallel to the other necessary maintenance phases.

Not just a “copy and paste!

Our activity of Reverse Engineering, thanks to a dedicated technical office and downstream of specific studies on the damage phenomena (corrosion, erosion, wear, etc.) has the objective of making any changes to the construction materials of the components considered to be damaged early or abnormally, in order to improve the mechanical characteristics and increase overall reliability, with benefits on safety as well as economic. In other cases, at the specific request of the customers, Coemi is able to develop the engineering for the modification of the flow coefficient (CV) of control valves which have malfunctions during the flow rate for the real operating conditions.

Our Reverse Engineering technique guarantees our customers:

  • a complete service on each “Turnkey” assisted valve, from maintenance to the supply of all necessary spare parts, including gaskets and sealing systems
  • the minimization of our customers warehouse stocks, with obvious advantages
  • the reduction of general maintenance costs.

The construction and precision of the built components is guaranteed thanks to the use of CNC multi-axis machining and turning centers, where the information extracted from the Reverse Engineering activity and the 3D modeling of the components to be built, are perfectly integrated with production CAD / CAM systems.

Field of application:

  • Industrial valve components constructions: stems, plugs, cages, seats, sealing rings, bushings, screws and nuts, etc
  • Mechanical seals construction
  • Gear construction
  • Mechanical components construction  for industry or third parties: in series or unique prototypes, by drow or sample.

The strict quality, metrological and non-destructive tests carried out throughout the production cycle guarantee the reliability of the products supplied.

All built components are traceable, to guarantee quality, and our “Modus Operandi” certified by DNV GL.


COEMI has developed a Technical Database, available for its customers, in which the construction data of the spare parts are collected, including information from maintenance activities. This allows our customers to have an overall picture specific to each valve assisted, usable to optimize the MTBR (Mean Time Between Repair) and to allow an effective planning of maintenance, for entire departments / industrial plants, allowing to optimize time and costs.