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Process analysis department

The Process Analysis Instrumentation Division was born in Coemi thanks to the will of the Management to satisfy the needs of our Clients, to equip their plants with modern and sophisticated equipment for online analysis.

Division objectives:

  • Improve the performance of the plants
  • Optimize product quality
  • Limit the environmental impact
  • Respect the provisions of the law.

In almost twenty years of patient work dedicated to the Analysis sector, Coemi, betting on human value and investing in training, has succeeded in creating a group composed of engineers and specialized technicians, to assist our customers from designing to commissioning Analysis.

Moreover, thanks to the continuous training carried out by our most promising technicians, at the main manufacturers of analysis equipment, Coemi is a national leader in the maintenance of analysis systems and is currently able to offer services of Global Maintenance Service (UNI 10685: 2007) which may include:

  • Availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and guarantee of intervention times
  • Calibration with certified gas / liquid mixtures
  • Statistical checks of the detected error with the emission of the Control Chart (or CUSUM Paper according to the UNI EN 14181 Standard)
  • Management and supply of spare parts
  • Consulting for revamping and adaptation to new regulations.


  • Basic and detailed design of environmental analysis systems and
  • Process
  • Creation of “turnkey” analysis cabins
  • Mounting of systems in the field, execution of connections and electrical and pneumatic interconnections
  • Revamping existing systems
  • Global Service for the management of analysis systems


  • Basic engineering
  • Detail engineering
  • Sampling systems
  • Sample conditioning systems
  • Material Requisitions
  • Technical documentation
  • Definition of programs and calibration procedures
  • Guarantee and quality control

Creation of analysis booths

  • Creation of Open and Closed analysis booths in painted carbon steel or AISI 316
  • Creation of ventilation, pressurization and conditioning systems
  • Implementation of systems for monitoring explosiveness and environmental toxicity
  • Implementation of sampling, treatment and sample conditioning systems in liquid and gas phase


  • Installation of systems in the field including sample condition system
  • Execution of connections and electrical and pneumatic interconnections.


On a daily basis, our maintenance engineers keep the analyzers in service, which are often critical for the operation of our customers’ plants, guaranteeing the quality and correctness of the trends.

Following a careful training at the main parent companies and thanks to many years of experience in the field, our technicians and engineers are specialized in preventive and corrective maintenance of process analyzers and emissions, also operating on the instrumentation installed at high altitude. on the chimneys.

In addition, we maintain a fleet of emergency response parts to ensure the resolution of most of the faults that may occur to the analyzers of the main parent companies.

Our skills allow us to operate on the following machines:


  • Antek C6200S and C6000 diesel sulfur analyzers, Thermo Scientific Sola II;
  • Gas chromatographs Siemens, ABB, Yokogawa, AGK, etc .;
  • Analyzers of H2S / SO2 Ametek 880NSL, 888, 900, 911, 931, etc .;
  • Siemens, ABB and Sick IR and Paramagnetic analyzers for the measurement of EMS and process parameters;
  • Hobrè calorimeters;
  • Panametrics and Ametek hygrometers;
  • Durag, Sick powder and flow meters, etc .;
  • Process sample processing systems and EMS;
  • Analyzers for water quality (titers, silicometers, dissolved NH3 and H2S, TOC, etc.).

Statistical analysis of the error according to ASTM D-6299

Calculation of QAL 3 parameters according to UNI EN 14181: 2015

Paper Cusum Management for checking the error trend according to UNI EN 14181