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Valve maintenance department

Coemi is specialized in valve maintenance, both automatic and manual, of any type of construction, for on-shore and off-shore industrial plants, such as:

  • Oil platforms
  • Regasification plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Refineries
  • Power and hydroelectric plants

Valve maintenance comes as a result of the needs of industrial plants, which require a complete overhaul both in the workshop and “ON-SITE”.

Coemi technicians are highly specialized, both for experience and for the continuous training carried out by the best manufacturers, accredited, of valves and actuators. With the most modern special equipment and certified calibration and testing machines, Coemi guarantees the reliability of the valves, after maintenance, and on the process systems in which it operates.

A reliable valve greatly reduces sudden failures, increases system efficiency and reduces fluid losses, both from inside and towards the atmosphere. This entails, consequently, greater safety and protection of the environment.

Coemi’s valve overhaul activity is supported by a specialized technical office. The analysis performed on particular anomalous damage to parts and / or valve components provides an analytical projection about the early malfunction and provides useful data for a preventive maintenance planning, in order to avoid sudden and unacceptable failures for production.

The following are the main activities of the sector:

  • Maintenance, calibration and testing of control valves
  • Maintenance, calibration and testing of safety and reliefe valves
  • Maintenance and testing of check, gate, ball, butterfly manual valves
  • Maintenance, calibration and testing of level switches and torsion bar level transmitters
  • Maintenance and testing of levels and visual indicators
  • Maintenance and calibration of electric and pneumatic actuators
  • Engineering and motorization of manual valves

The valve maintenance plant located in Priolo G. (SR), with more than 3000 square meters of covered workshop and large storage areas, is equipped with all the plants and equipment specific to the sector, including:

  • Safety valves test benches for test pressures up to 500 bar, equipped with certified software / hardware predisposed to issue calibration certificate
  • Test benches for static tests on the valve body and for the sealing of the seats (up to DN 40 “- ANSI 2500), equipped with certified software / hardware predisposed for the release of the test certificate
  • Machine tools (lathes, boring machines, milling machines, etc.) both traditional and CNC,  for the necessary mechanical restoration of parts and components of the valves and for the construction of mechanical components and spare parts should they require
  • Machines for welding and for the execution of heat treatments of parts requiring structural repair, excessive corrosion or mechanical damage
  • Equipment and machines, both fixed and portable, for lapping sealing surfaces
  • Etc

COEMI is present with several branches in Italy, as well as in some industrial plants with mobile workshops-lab and technicians dedicated to routine maintenance in specialist valve maintenance contracts. Our mobile workshops-lab, designed specifically for the purpose, are equipped with all the equipment and special machines for the overhaul and testing of valves, and can be easily transported to any industrial site, both in Italy and abroad.

The advantages in the location of mobile workshops-lab are considerable, some of them below:

  • No valve transport costs for the customer
  • Possibility to manage the works in synergy with the customer maintenance staff faster
  • Optimization of shutdown times for scheduled valve maintenance systems
  • No valve outside the system: no risk and no pollution

Thanks to the specialized electrical, mechanical and instrumental skills, COEMI is a unique interlocutor for the needs of your plant.